About the Report

Claroty’s third Biannual ICS Risk & Vulnerability Report offers an in-depth look at all ICS flaws disclosed in the first half of 2021, shedding light on emerging trends affecting how decision makers will tactically and strategically manage risk.

This report is an important resource for CISOs, IT, and OT managers, as it represents a comprehensive examination of the latest ICS vulnerabilities, where bugs have been found and fixed, who is finding them, and what it means for industrial companies moving forward.

More than 600 ICS vulnerabilities were disclosed during the 1H of 2021 affecting 76 vendors. A large percentage of those vulnerabilities were both remotely exploitable and classified as either critical or high risk. These numbers back up some of the trends identified by Team82, including the growing number of industrial assets that are now connected to the internet and potentially exposed to threat actors. 

The report also demonstrates the work being done by Claroty’s Team82, the research leader among industrial cybersecurity companies. Team82 disclosed 70 vulnerabilities affecting 20 automation and technology vendors, surpassing 150 vulnerabilities disclosed since its inception. 

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