Gain 100% Visibility into any Industrial Network in Minutes

About Claroty Edge

Claroty Edge is a simple, easy-to-use edge data collector that delivers 100% visibility into any industrial network in minutes without requiring network changes, utilizing sensors, or having any physical footprint whatsoever. Core capabilities include: 

  • Visibility in Minutes: Claroty Edge provides a complete inventory of all managed and unmanaged OT, IoT, and IT assets in any industrial network — all in just minutes
  • Optimal Risk & Vulnerability Management: Claroty Edge automatically pinpoints risks and vulnerabilities such as missing patches, insecure protocols, CVEs, and end-of-life indicators
  • Versatile Applications: The detailed visibility, risk, and vulnerability information that Claroty Edge rapidly provides makes it uniquely suited to support a range of use cases, including those related to audits and compliance, M&A due diligence, incident response, and optimizing deployments of other Claroty products

The solution’s highly flexible patent-pending technology enables all of these capabilities to extend even to networks that are fully air-gapped, remote, composed of outsourced infrastructure, operated by third-parties, and/or have other characteristics that have rendered them incompatible with traditional industrial cybersecurity solutions.

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