About Claroty CTD

As the foundation of The Claroty Platform, Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) delivers fundamental cybersecurity controls for industrial networks. Core capabilities include:

  • Visibility & Asset Management: CTD offers 100% visibility into all three variables of risk in your industrial network: OT, IoT, and IIoT assets, connections, and processes.
  • Network Segmentation: CTD automatically segments your industrial network into Virtual Zones, which are policy-defined groups of assets that communicate with one other under normal circumstances.
  • Risk & Vulnerability Management: CTD delivers full-spectrum risk and vulnerability management controls that enable you to rapidly pinpoint and remediate security weaknesses and corresponding risks in your industrial network with unmatched ease and precision.
  • Threat Detection: CTD empowers you with a resilient threat detection model to ensure that you can immediately identify and respond to the earliest indicators of potential threats to your industrial network.

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