About Claroty SRA

As a core component of The Claroty Platform, Secure Remote Access (SRA) delivers frictionless, reliable, and highly secure remote access to OT environments for both internal and third-party users. Key benefits include:

  • Reduce MTTR & Boost Uptime: SRA reduces your mean time-to-respond (MTTR) and boosts uptime by making it faster and easier to safely connect to, troubleshoot, and repair OT, IoT, and IIoT assets in your industrial network at any time from anywhere. 
  • Decrease Complexity & Cost: SRA decreases the complexity and cost of administering safe, secure, and reliable OT remote access by providing flexible configuration options, centralized management, and support for everything your remote users need.
  • Strengthen Security & Minimize Risk: SRA minimizes the risks posed by OT remote access by empowering you to control, secure, and gain full visibility into all remote connections and activities in your OT environment.

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